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Vidder: Kitty
Title: Odds Are
Fandom: Man Seeking Woman
Genre: Comedy, Overview, Fantasy
Song/Artist: Odds Are by Barenaked Ladies
Software: Sony Vegas 12
Characters/Pairings: Josh, Liz and Mike
Summary: "The odds are that we will probably be alright."
Download: WMV or M4V
Streaming: Youtube
Crosspost: Tumblr, Website

***Premiered at Vividcon '15 at the "Wish You Were Here" vidshow

This show is one of my favorites of 2015. Everything is just over the top exaggerated, craziness, hilarious and original. I hope after watching this video, it will intrigue you to go and check it out! It’s worth the watch and I read a second season is coming soon. Woot!

I’ve always known since I started watching the show on TV that I would love to make a fanvid to the show, but I had no idea what song would fit this. So after the show aired, I never actually hunted down a song. One day, I was in the car listening to spotify and the one song that I’ve been really into lately was a Barenaked ladies song and it hit me “OMG… wait.. yes.. this song is so perfect for Man Seeking Woman..”

I usually don’t vid comedic vids. My first attempt many years ago, "Like a Boss (Supernatural Fanvid) was the first ever video I had done that was full on comedy and it became a huge hit. Seriously amazes me till this day just how much positive feedback that video has and still continues to get. It actually was featured in Absolutedestiny’s vid show @ VVC this year.

So here I go, starting my next comedy vid adventure. I’m really happy with how this video turned out. This time around, I did the opposite of “Like a Boss” vid. With “Like a Boss”, I was completely literal from start to finish with the clips matching to the lyrics. If you’ve watched most of my vids, that’s usually pretty much the direction I go – I take the easy way out and use the most obvious clip choices to lyrics.

The song “Odds Are” uses lyrics that aren’t even in the show. I was terrified of making this video because of this fact. I was like well shit, what clips am I going to put for these lyrics and still make it work. This actually was the best thing for me because me being me would have just chosen the obvious clips once again. Lyrics like “Struck by lightning”, “Hit by the A-Train”, “Crashed in an Airplane”, “Stuck by a bee sting” and “Killed by a Great White or a Meteorite” were all things that did not happen in the show.  The video I think came out even more hilarious because I did not have these specific “literal” obvious choice clips. The clips I choice I think worked really well. There are other parts to the song that I tried to change up as well. Such as lyrics “No it’s never gonna to let up” , obvious chose for me would be a clip showing that the Rain would not stop *which is a clip in the show*. I went with something else – a little more dirty for this specific lyric and decided to use the rain scene on another part of the vid.

I decided to add in Josh’s best friend and his sister to the video because not only does shit go wrong for Josh, but it also goes very wrong for the other two characters. There was actually an episode starring just his sister and the show was changed to “Woman seeking Man” for just that one episode.  I love all these characters! Just had to use them.

Comments and love is appreciated as always!