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Vidder: Kitty
Title: Bad Girl
Fandom: Trouble Maker [Hyuna + Hyunseung]
Song/Artist: Little Bad Girl by David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz, Ludacris
Software: Sony Vegas 12
Summary: "I want that girl dancing over there. She's amazing on the dance floor."
Download: WMV or M4V
Streaming: Youtube, Vimeo (password: kittyvids)
Video Notes: Livejournal, AO3

*Premiered at [livejournal.com profile] vividcon 2016 "Club Vivid"


“Bad Girl" has been in the works for a very long time. It was supposed to be for the past Club Vivid premieres, but like always, it takes me years to finally finish the vids. I think I requested the song like three times for CVV, lol. When Trouble Maker first came out, I was obsessed!! I love Hyuna and Hyunseung together. Since they always are playing bad! asses in their vids, It then led me to the “Little Bad Girl” song. Perfect song to showcase their bad and naughty ways, but pretty much I wanted an excuse to show off all of Hyuna’s eye candy and awesome dance shots.

I really like how this video turned out. It’s a very fun, dance type of vid but also really pleasing to the eyes. I LOVED the scene where they are both dancing in the middle while cars are speeding around them. It’s such a beautiful shot that I was really excited about including it in the vid. I loved putting together the bridge part of the song aka Ludacris rap - so much fun! The part “Baby girl don’t stop” at 2:02-2:03 was the first time I think that two different clips transitioned as nicely as this one did for me and I did not add any panning or anything to this part.