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Vidder: Kitty
Title: Outta My Head
Fandom: Wonderfalls
Genre: Character Study, Overview, Comedy
Song/Artist: Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) by Ashlee Simpson
Software: Sony Vegas 12
Characters/Pairings: Jaye, Inanimate Objects *Animals*
Summary: "All your noise is messing with my head" (Jaye vs. Inanimate objects)
Download: WMV or M4V
Streaming: Youtube, Vimeo (password: kittyvids)
Crosspost: Website, Tumblr, Festivids LJ & Dreamwidth

Video for turquoisetumult @ Festivids 2015


I’ve never actually expressed just how much I love this show. I’m still sad there was only one season! Why do the great shows always get cancelled?!!

I actually started this video back in 2008. I’m glad that it’s finally finished! I always knew it was a great video idea to begin with. This would have come out years ago, but I had this crazy vision in my head for this vid to use all these effects and such. Years went by, and I realized that I’ll never do these “effects” because I don’t even use effects anymore in my vids. Honestly, the effects would have been just too much when there is already so much going on so I don’t regret omitting that. Time has seriously changed my vidding style. If you saw my vids from 2007-2008 to what I have now - It’s totally different. I kind of also stopped using extra “Color” filters in my vids for a few years now, but when I started this video in ’08 - I had used a very vibrant color that I always really liked, so I wanted to keep that Pop! of color for this.

Almost every year, I would see that this show was being requested at Festivids and finally I decided this year was it. I was so done with having this unfinished video sit in my computer.

Poor Jaye! Her life is rough with all those Animal muses. Ashlee Simpsons “Outta My Head” was released in ’08, which is when I discovered the song and how perfect it was for Jaye.

OMG, so much Talky face! I absolutely hate talky face in vids! It annoys me to no end... BUT this is that one exception where it’s ok.. Because that is what the song is about and that is what the show is about. Inanimate objects that just won’t shut up. Jaye’s annoyed - So everyone watching should feel that too.. I want you to feel and see her frustration, haha. I’ve used talky face in the past for some vids where I wanted the characters to sing, because I think it’s hilarious and it’s a challenge to make it look like they are actually singing the song. Either than that, No way will you ever see me use talky face in other vids I make.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who commented on this video at Festivids Anonymous Posting! That was definitely not the response I was expecting. I honestly didn’t know that so many of you had watched the show. So thank you for making me smile with all the sweet comments!

Date: 2016-02-15 01:41 am (UTC)
settiai: (Vidding -- settiai)
From: [personal profile] settiai
I'm finally making my way through this year's Festivids (better late than never, right?), and I just wanted to say that I loved this one. You did a wonderful job on it.